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Expert Voices From The Rooftops

"Mitsubishi Electric solar panels have proven over and over to be extremely reliable, very high quality and have helped us deliver solar systems to our customers at SunSolar U.S. that they are extremely satisfied with and can count on for decades."

Kobi Metzler
Sun Solar US
Southern California

"“The impact of the Mitsubishi Electric PV system on my home in Hawaii has been significant. It has provided measurable cost savings and I feel good about this commitment to sustainability. I would recommend working with Mitsubishi Electric for all your solar needs,” said Tom Watson, Hall of Fame golfer. "

Tom Watson
Hall of Fame Golfer

"With the aggressive environmental measures mandated by the Green Port Policy, the Port of Long Beach is a model for ports around the world. This new solar system at LBCT Terminal E helps us become the first-near zero emission container terminal on the planet. Because of our location, we need robust solar modules that can withstand corrosion from high salt content in the air. Mitsubishi Electric modules can withstand nearly any environment, even those with high levels of salt content."

Anthony Otto
Long Beach Container Terminal
Long Beach, CA

"Our customers prefer Mitsubishi Electric solar modules because they trust the brand’s quality and are confident the company will be in business for a long time. For 13 years our third-party testing and maintenance group has tracked the performance of well over 100,000 modules in the field. We’re always impressed by the long-term reliability and performance of Mitsubishi Electric solar modules, resulting from their high-precision manufacturing process."

Dan Lichtman
Absolutely Energized Solar
New Jersey

"Providing Mitsubishi Electric products is an integral part of our philosophy to match our top-quality service offerings with the highest-quality equipment. We’ve installed more than 20 megawatts of Mitsubishi Electric solar panels on residential rooftops without a single warranty claim due to panel malfunction. We trust Mitsubishi Electric will continue to satisfy our customers with excellent products for years to come."

Mike Ito
Alternate Energy Inc.

"We’ve selected Mitsubishi Electric solar modules for our commercial and residential installations because we want to offer our customers the best quality, value, and peace of mind. The outstanding technical support, marketing resources, and leads we receive from Mitsubishi Electric’s experienced pros makes us feel they’re an extension of our own team."

Sevan Varteressian
Sun Integration

"When I install Mitsubishi Electric panels, I sleep well. My customers are getting the best made, safest, most reliable panel, backed up by a company that has been innovating since 1921."

Jim Gitas
Your Energy Solutions

"Mitsubishi panels have been specially treated to stand up against saltwater corrosion and weather, and are the only module I can recommend to my customers close to the ocean. What will withstand those conditions, I can definitely recommend for those who are looking for long term value anywhere!"

Olaf Lohr
SK Solar

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