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PV Warranty

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Mitsubishi Electric's photovoltaic modules are engineered for extended use in environments with extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions. Our modules use crystalline silicon technology and are known for their high reliability, high-efficiency, and low environmental impact. All our modules feature a 25-year limited power output warranty.  They are designed to deliver trouble-free electricity for years to come.


Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc Photovoltaic Modules Limited Warranty

**All warranty claims should be submitted by the system installer**


If the PV module was

manufactured between

October 2006 and

July 2009,

click here.

August 2009 and

February 2011,

click here.

If the PV module was first sold

to the end user customer between

March 2011 and

July 2012,

click here.

August 2012 and

March 2013,

click here.


April 2013 and

March 2015, 

click here.


April 2015 to


click here.

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